Dutch Type Days

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In a series of one- and two-day seminars, I will be sharing my typographic archive, allowing small groups of type and lettering enthusiasts to pore over original printed matter and tools you may not know. Examine remarkable books from the 17th through 20th centuries, type specimens and classic magazines, and all kinds of vintage ephemera.

In May 2019 I will give two one-day seminars as a kind of pilot project. On May 15 and May 19 I will share my unique collection of documents with small groups, as well as my passion for and my knowledge of letterforms and their context. You’ll be able to question me about my experiences as a researcher, historian and critic of type and graphic design, and as an editor, writer and consultant for FontShop, Linotype, and MyFonts, and a contributor to magazines like Eye, Baseline, Etapes Graphiques, Typo, Items and many other. I will give short lectures and project photos and video about historical figures and phenomena in typography. And you will learn (hands-on!) about craftsy aspects of graphic design – hand-lettering and letterpress, and obsolete technologies from those decades that preceded our embracing of digital tools.