Dutch Type Days

Learn about typographic history and praxis, examining the wealth of a working archive

In a series of one- and two-day seminars, I am sharing my typographic archive, allowing small groups of type and lettering enthusiasts to pore over original printed matter and tools you may not know. Examine remarkable books from the 17th through 20th centuries, type specimens and classic magazines, and all kinds of vintage ephemera. Listen to my stories, explanations and hypotheses about (typo-)graphic history.

I gave my first one-day seminars in May 2019 as a kind of pilot project.

Got questions, special fascinations? I will probably be able to take a book or vintage type specimen from my shelves and explain backgrounds and connections.

The starting point of these sessions is my book Dutch Type, but depending on participants’ interest, we can also fan out far beyond.

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Want to join me in my home office for an enlightening session?

Next date: t.b.a.
Language: English (explanations possible in Dutch, German, Italian, French)
Each session is open to only 8 participants (min. 6)
Participation fee: t.b.a.
Questions? Mail me here for more info and to sign up

Discounted copies of the Dutch Type reprint and my typography primer Shaping Text will be available to participants.

Background info:
My CV infographic
My imprint: Druk Editions