Made for my hallway.
I drew it, Berlin’s EigenArt carpenter’s workshop found solutions for some details and produced it flawlessly. Pure wood, painted, would have been a bit too expensive and perhaps too fragile; so the body is laminated plywood, the frame however is cherry.

When I was a kid, the “American-style” dream kitchen with its massive wall-to-wall furnishing was our parents’ ideal. I never liked the idea much and over the years preferred a rather loose collection of diverse furniture. Also, I liked shallow hanging cupboards (20 cm) more than the usual deep ones, which I found impractical and somewhat threatening while cutting the vegetables. So I designed this while handyman Sebastian Sagitz was renovating my kitchen. As Sebastian had trained as a guitar maker, I figured he would be the right person to produce this cupboard – and he did a very good job, adding a few improvements (e.g. no handles on the doors; they were easy enough to open like this) and painting the MDF boards three or four times over.

Design for the kitchen cabinet. Made in InDesign, jawohl.


One of my largely unfulfilled ambitions (see also: Making Music) is product design and spacial interventions. My talent is limited, but sometimes I know what I would like to use, and it’s not there. I’ve drawn a couple things that I’m really happy with, and as this website is all about shameless self-exposition: here they are.