Designing Things

One of my largely unfulfilled ambitions (see also: Making Music) is product design and spacial interventions. My talent is limited, but sometimes I know what I would like to use, and it’s not there. I’ve drawn a couple things that I’m really happy with, and as this website is all about shameless self-exposition: here they are.

Taking Pictures

I’ve taken photos since I was about 12, when my aunt gave me an Agfa Clack camera, which made 9x6 cm b/w negatives. I didn’t start doing somewhat professional work until I became a full-time journalist, when providing pictures was sometimes part of the job. When living in Gent, Belgium, my partner Catherine Dal and I submitted 36mm and Mimiya-format slides (60x45mm) to stock photo company Benelux Press. As stock photographers, we never upgraded to digital formats. We did take many of the digital pictures used in our graphic designs for the Cultural Department of the City of Gent, and in books Catherine designed for Lannoo publishers.