• Business and ethics: this was the first of the series. The simple juxtaposition of the two stock photos to visualize good and bad ethics triggered the concept of the whole series.

Campus Handbooks

Between 2001 and 2013, I designed book covers and books for Lannoo, one of Belgium’s major publishers of non-fiction books. From c. 2007, me and my partner Catherine Dal (Dorp & Dal) mainly worked for their subsidiary Lannoo Campus, which specializes in management and educational books. I redesigned the covers of their Handbooks series, based on the juxtapostion of two contrasting images – mostly stock photos, for budget reasons. The typeface is Cyrus Highsmith’s Antenna, which has a built-in unicase option.

Titles shown:
Business and ethics
Investigative journalism
Regulation in social work
Press in Belgium
Tourism handbook
Business administration
Media in movement
Art criticism
Ethics, law and society
Basic ethics