My favourite painting in the exhibition:
Aldert Mantje, Grouped Arounded, 1986.

Realisme Renaissance

Een verzameling. A Collection.

Curated, edited and co-written by Liesbeth Hemelrijk

For two or three years during the very early 1990s I was a promising art writer, specialising in postmodern art and its well-behaved companion: the new realism. This was one of my major assignments: writing about half of the essays on realist paintings acquired for the Caldic company by their curator Liesbeth Hemelrijk. She concentrated on the modern (but not modernist) classics, I wrote most of the pieces on contemporary painters. My pieces were mostly based on face-to-face interviews; it’s what I liked most about being an art critic. After some time I found out that my simple mind and the theoretical ambitions of art criticism weren’t compatible (though many artsts liked what I wrote) and I made design my main subject.