Crous-Vidal i la Grafia Llatina

Edited by Raquel Pelta

Spanish type and design historian Raquel Pelta invited me to contribute to this book, compiled to accompany an exhibition about Catalonian graphic designer Enric Crous-Vidal in the Jaume Morera art musuem in Lleida (Spanish: Lérida) in 2009. Crous-Vidal spent much of his professional life in Paris and became part of that imaginative tendency in typographic design which French typography pope Maximilien Vox (he of the Vox/ATypI classification) labelled Graphie Latine. In her essay, Raquel focused on Crous-Vidal’s life and work; Sébastien Morlighem contributed an article about post-war developments in Fance; Andreu Balius wrote about the technical aspects of Crous-Vidal’s typefaces. I was asked to provide a sketch of the Europe context of the post-1945 period.