This section offers a somewhat random selection of articles I wrote across the years.

I have worked as a journalist and critic (theatre, literature, dance, media, design) from 1981 onwards, and I’ve written hundreds of pieces – maybe around a thousand in all –, many of which are short reviews or concise topical interviews, and aren’t really worth republishing. There are no digital files from the first 15 years or so, and I will have to transcribe those that should be included here. I made a first selection of what was readily available. I hope this list will be growing over the coming months.

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  • Eye, 2008. For the special issue “Beyond the canon” editor John Walters invited collaborators to submit a less-known designer of importance. Mine: Cuban poster designer Eladio Rivadulla.

  • TypoGraphic. ISTD, 2003. Throughout the 20th century in the Netherlands, there has been rivalry and downright animosity between the subsectors of graphic design and advertising. This article examines the artistic and political controversies behind that conflict.